How Skin Needling Can Help You Get Better Skin

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Are you interested in trying skin needling to improve the appearance of your skin but no idea how it works? Is the procedure for you and what do you need to know before picking up a Dermapen for sale or any other skin needling product? These are good questions, and you are probably wondering about the same thing if you have done just about everything else to solve your skin problem.

Now the idea behind this microneedle therapy was to promote your very own skin cell regeneration and collagen production. Consider this process as a last skin needling treatment done by a skin care specialist.

What to expect when getting a skin needling treatment?

Some people describe Micro Needling as Skin Needling, and Collagen Induction Treatment (CIT), and it involves utilising a hand-held skin roller which has multiple, fine pointed needles on the surface area of your skin. This skin needling roller has needles from 1mm – 3mm in length, and the micro punctures only penetrate the upper layer of your skin. This action triggers the skin’s natural injury recovery procedure by producing small leaks in the surface that assist in building collagen and elastin.

The small puncture injury stimulates collagen in the skin layer and breaks some of the capillaries directly under the surface of the skin. Since the blood will thicken, this develops the development and production of collagen and elastin. It’s these crucial aspects which with your skin and pores to show renewed.

Is it dangerous? Will it hurt?

Having described how it works, you might think that procedure is dangerous or painful which is not at all the case. The treatment takes place on a microscopic degree. If you have delicate skin, you may want to utilise a numbing item on your skin before your microneedle therapy to minimise any uneasiness.

Micro Needling can be carried out on the skin of all types and colours, even delicate skin. You will acquire thicker, tighter and smoother skin, increased blood flow to locations of poor healing, decreased the look of scars (including acne and surgical scars) in addition to fine lines and wrinkles, and increased penetration of lotions, serums and moisturisers. Extra results can have reduced stretch marks and scars. How awesome is that?

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